Colonial Charles Towne Fest 2017

9-11 Jun

Reenactor Info/Participation Rules/Contact Info 

All questions should be forwarded to the event organizer, Benjamin Schaffer, at or (843)-367-5026

Registration for Reenactors:

Why your unit should come:

1. South Carolina has so few colonial events! This will hopefully set a precedent to change that. 

2. We are all-inclusive. We are not just for pirates, Rev War, or French and Indian War. This is a great networking and recruiting opportunity. 

3. Charleston is a fantastic city with a beautiful 350 year history, and there will be down time for you to explore it. 

4. We will have onsite bathrooms/firewood/will camp only 20 minutes from historic downtown (for a lot cheaper than a downtown hotel!)

6. Friday night we are doing a dinner/pub crawl in downtown Charleston. You know you have always wanted to go to a tavern in Charleston in period dress! Saturday night we will pool our money together to get amazing local southern food (hopefully Bojangles)

7. You are helping support local museums by coming. These events are great draws for tourists at two fantastic local museums.

8. You are helping create a precedent for future colonial reenacting in a city that deserves more historical recognition than just the Civil War! 

Event rules/guidelines

1. Camp set up is Thursday night or Friday afternoon-evening. For those who wish to take part in/see the pirate attack downtown Friday night (which will likely be at 6), it's ideal to get your tents set up earlier. If you are unable to make it, that is completely okay. While registration is free, you must sign up at the front/sign a waiver for security and safety reasons. 

2. For weaponry, 17th-18th century appropriate weapons are allowed. During the skirmishes, for safety reasons, we cannot allow 'melee' fighting or bayonets or rammers to be drawn. 

3. All units/individuals taking part in the military demos/skirmish on Saturday should abide by the usual reenactor safety protocols (elevate weapons, inspection arms), and should abide by the timeline we set up for the demonstrations. 

4. As previously mentioned, we are allowed to fire (not live rounds obviously), artillery and muskets. Participants with weapons should be at least 16 years old as per safety regulations at most events. While we are working on providing firewood/portalettes, we cannot provide gunpowder this year

4A. We do have authenticity guidelines. If you are portraying anyone, you must not have polyester costumes. Period appropriate attire is required, as well as the hiding of 'farby' materials in your camps while the general public is around. If you are a pirate or privateer, please do not bring a Disneyesque 'Jack Sparrow' impression. Show us what seafarers really looked like. For all reenactors, Drunkenness/property damage is obviously strictly verboten. Let's put on a good show!

5. Have fun! This is the first year of our event, and it is about bringing colonial reenacting back to Charleston in a big way!