Colonial Charles Towne Fest 2017

9-11 Jun

Timeline Info: 

There are 2 eras represented by this reenactment, pirates and privateers of the early 18th-century, and late 18th-century American and British soldiers/sailors/artillery. Ask questions, and learn about our city's military past! 

Reenactment Info

Engagement One: A Royal Navy landing party is probing the area for American earthworks. What will they find? 

Engagement Two: The Beginning of the Siege of Charles Towne, 1780. In 1780, Sir Henry Clinton led thousands of British and Hessian troops to Charles Towne to subdue Colonial America's most wealthy and fourth-most populous city. The town was defended by a much smaller force of Continental soldiers, sailors, and militiamen. The British, having learned that a naval attack was not feasible (flash back to the Royal Navy's failure to take Fort Moultrie in 1776), chose to march on Charleston from the South. In the modern suburbs of West Ashley, James Island, and Johns Island, patriot forces tried in vain to subdue Crown forces. Come see the Americans try to stop the British forces before it is too late and they take Charles Towne!